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Monday, October 20, 2008

Time To Buy. Now!

What? Are you crazy? No. Not really. It is not just me who feel now is probably the best time to buy. Warrent Buffet, the legendary investor last week also suggested this is probably the best time to get into the market. Why? Just as Sir Buffet said, "Be Greedy when everybody is in Fear".

In my opinion there is a technical indicator showing we are probably at the bottom. On October 10, one of the worst day for investors to forget, Dow Jones Industrial Average plunged from 8500 points all the way to 7773 points. While the investors were selling everything in panic, I was also looking at the screen in disbelief - because just two days ago when the Dow dropped below 10,000, I told my friend that it could be heading into 8,000. Why 8,000? It was the base that Dow established during 2002 - the lowest point after the dot com bubble.

So I was waiting to see if Dow dropped below that level. Because if Dow can't hold it at 8000, I would probably sell everything as well - including mutual fund. Fortunately, Dow did hold at that level and then the bargain hunting rally began.

So still sitting on the sideline? Don't wait because after the election, the big rally may be coming.